Dalian Sakabe Industry Co., Ltd.

Dalian Sakabe Industry was founded in 2004. The company is a Sino-Japanese joint venture engaged in the design and manufacture of industrial products like investment casting, sand casting, die casting, forging, machining, stamping, sheet metal, MIM, mold...

The company has invested in the factory of investment casting, CNC machining, mold, and product inspection center. Additionally, we have long-term cooperation with many high-quality manufacturer partners.

The company is good at producing products with multiple processes, small batches, short delivery time, high precision and high complexity. Currently, our products are mainly exported to Japan, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia. We also provide high quality products to domestic enterprises and foreign funded enterprises in China.

Our Advantage:

Advantageous Geographical location

The company is located in the beautiful coastal city—Dalian, which is in the northeast of China. It is an important economic center, international trade center, shipping logistics center in Northeast Asia (include China, Japan, Korea and part of Russia). Meanwhile, it is an old industrial base and one of a cradle of Chinese industry.

Dalian has complete categories of industrial supporting and developed logistics include economic development zone and free trade zone.

Professional Team

Our Japanese investor--Sakabe Industry Co., Ltd has 80 years history in foundry industry and can provide professional technic and quality management support.

Our Chinese management team has rich experience in industrial design, quality control and production management. Most of them have worked in foreign company over 15 years.

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Contact Us:

Tel : +86(411)8853-5011 / 8853-5056 / 8853-5130

E-Mail: info@sakabe.cn

Web Site: www.sakabe.cn

Post Code:116600

Company Add. : Room No.306, Unit 2, Junhui Shangpin Building,18B Dongbei 7th Street, JinPu New District, Dalian, China

Factory Add. : No.26 Fuan Street, JinPu New District, Dalian, China

We are pleased to answer any questions from you about us.